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This song aims to capture the giving and nurturing qualities of Type Two with just a hint of pride and a dash of flattery on the side. It expresses the difficulty experienced when we believe our worth is determined by how indispensable we are and highlights the defence mechanism of ‘repression’ – pushing our own needs away in order to be fully available to help others, trying to avoid being selfish or needy. The chorus takes us to the relief experienced when we realise that love is not a commodity or even definable, and that self-nurturance and ultimately, humility, are gateways to presence. More about Type Two…


You have such a beautiful  heart

If I give some more I know we’ll never part

I believe you’d be so lost without me

I’ve made love a form of art


So why don’t you love me after all I do?

Whenever you’ve called I’ve been there for you

I never knew how to say ‘no’ to you

Now I’m worn right through….but


My soul can rest when I realise

love is truly all around

I can be myself   

When my own heart is found

I will love with no motives and no bounds

Embrace all I feel

Love can’t be lost or found


I know what you need before you say

Hope I never get in your way

But what I need is so hard for me to name

So I push it all away...but



I glimpse my shadow

Giving to receive

Wishing you would notice

What I really need

It’s time to rest, love is all around

I can be myself       

When my own heart is found

I will love with no motives and no bounds

It’s clear to me

Love can’t be lost or found


Love can’t be given, it can’t be taken,

Love IS.