Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
— A Course In Miracles
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Bernadette is an Australian singer/songwriter, registered psychologist and Enneagram teacher. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Bernadette currently lives in the sunny city of Brisbane and owns an online psychology private practice called, Essential Nature. She sees private clients and also teaches and shares the Enneagram.

Bernadette has always been extremely drawn to what is often referred to as ‘spirituality’ and to developing the awareness that we are far greater than our minds would have us believe. She has been especially drawn to learning how to become more present and learning how to sustain this state in a world that encourages us to seek satisfaction and a sense of identity outside of ourselves rather than showing us that true fulfillment lies within.

When Bernadette was just seven years old, her mother discovered and fell in love with the Enneagram, so this incredible tool has been part of her upbringing from a very young age. However, it wasn’t until Bernadette began working as a psychologist that she really started to understand the true value of seeing the human experience through the wise lens of the Enneagram. She discovered just how powerful it can be, not only to help her clients better understand themselves but for all of us to begin to see our blind spots and have power over the compulsive thoughts, feelings and behaviours which tend to block us from experiencing true presence in the here and now.

Bernadette has always enjoyed singing and song writing and in 2011 decided to combine her four biggest loves of psychology, spirituality, the Enneagram, and music to begin writing nine songs based on the nine different personality styles described in the Enneagram. The idea of this project was to create an album that captures the difficulties we all face when trapped in the confines of our minds and how to relax into a far more expansive, connected reality, following our collective heart rather than our fears.

Bernadette has no concrete future plans at this stage and is currently travelling the world sharing her music and remaining open to anything life offers! She is committed to continuing along the beautiful and sometimes difficult path of learning and growth, hopefully moving closer to a state of humility, compassion and presence as life unfolds.

I’ve always been interested in having a deeper understanding of the meaning of life and what it is we are supposed to do here as human beings. I have come to believe that the ultimate purpose of life is to move closer and closer towards the experience of love, unity or what we might call ‘oneness’, and to leave behind the idea that we are separate - it is in doing this that we realise at the deepest level that we are a collective whole, each one of us a tiny, yet integral piece of the unfolding puzzle and that there is nothing to fear.
— Bernadette
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