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This song aims to capture the driven and encouraging qualities of Type Three with just a hint of vanity and a dash of deceit on the side. It expresses the difficulty experienced when we see our worth as being determined by achievements and that which impresses others. This song highlights the defence mechanism of ‘identification’ – believing the self to be defined by the impressive image one presents to the world attempting to avoid failure. The chorus takes us to the relief experienced when we realise that we can find our worth within and find stillness and fulfillment in ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. It points to hope and ultimately, authenticity, as gateways to presence. More about Type Three…


Let’s go! Let’s get this done!

Can’t stop now, I’ll eat on the run

When this working day is through

I’m sure I’ll inspire you

To make your dreams come true


‘I do, therefore I am’

So I must do all that I can

And maybe bend what’s true

Concealing anything                                               

That may not impress you…But when


I slow down

I hear the sound of my beating heart

Deep inside

There’s nothing to hide

I find the love I need so

I can just ‘be’


The pressure I’m under, don’t get in my way

Things to do, no time to play

I can’t fail,  all will align

But what I feel is harder to define

May need some time…Guess I could



When I get impatient with life messing up my plans

Wish you’d adore not what I’ve done but who I am

Cos’ beneath this mask you’ll see

I have hope that life can work without me


So I’ll slow down

And hear the sound of my beating heart

Deep inside

There’s nothing to hide,

I find the love I need so I…

Don’t have to try

Don’t have to try

I Don’t have to try

I can simply ‘be’